The management committee

Revd Daniel Walters
Richard Cooper - Chair
Elspeth Garman
Liz Greenhall
Derick Wade - Vice Chair
Kay Symons - Secretary
Chris Levick - Treasurer
Godfrey Cole
Roger Trafford
Hugh Sutherland
Catherine Hilliard

Key contacts

Room bookings: Kate Seal  01865 510 560
All other: Kay Symons 01865 553 696

Co-opted members

There are no co-opted members currently

Management Committee's Terms of Reference

These were updated and agreed with the PCC in 2015.
Download here

Children Act and allied matters

Where relevant, Diocesan guidance is sought, and CRB checks are carried out through the PCC

Maintaining a prudent financial policy

  • We will seek to provide a self-financed environment
  • We will support and assist appropriate community activities where possible
  • We will take appropriate measures to ensure the viability and financial and legal validity of the project.
  • We will ensure effective and reliable coordination of the Centre
  • Caring for the Building and the Facilities
  • We will ensure the efficient use of the building We will provide for the proper maintenance of the parts of the building in our care
  • We will ensure the security of the parts of the building in our care
  • We will ensure that the building and its equipment meets with Fire and Health & Safety Regulations
  • We will ensure that appropriate insurance policies are in place, including Public Liability insurance

Providing a focus for the community

  • We aim to provide a small, welcoming community centre
  • We will develop the existing community use
  • We will build on existing goodwill and support
  • We will be responsive to local needs and support local initiatives

Helping to support projects

  • We will be flexible in our approach
  • Some activities or initiatives may be organised by ourselves
  • Some may be in partnership with statutory agencies or other voluntary bodies
  • Some by encouraging and making facilities available to independent groups and individuals
  • We aim to provide a wide range of community activities and services
  • We will identify gaps in local social services and seek to fill them
  • We will liaise with local voluntary and statutory groups
  • We aim to ensure that all activities are responsibly organised
  • We will advise and discuss problems with the relevant organisers
  • We will encourage the provision of support and training to volunteers

Treating people as individuals

  • We aim to support people in our community with special needs
  • We intend to do this in a way that does not 'label' people
  • We will respect the needs, wishes and interests of people as individuals
  • We will seek to create new opportunities (with appropriate support) for disadvantaged people to come and help if they wish.
  • The Institute will be open to people of all faiths and none.
  • We will respect individual beliefs
  • We will not allow an unbalanced use of the Community Centre or facilities
  • We acknowledge that the Community Centre is a PCC project
  • We will make the Community Centre fully accessible and suitable for disabled people
  • We will respect the individual rights of users and of groups, and ensure that they respect the rights of one another