A wide range of groups and services are run from St Margaret's Institute. Use the quick find links above to find activities and corresponding website, contact name, email and phone number.

Bookings for family/children’s parties, wedding receptions and other functions are always welcome.

There is also space on a regular basis for small classes and workshops. Please see our BOOK A ROOM page for availability.

Booking Enquiries

Rooms can be booked from as little as £15/session.
For further details see our BOOK A ROOM page and contact the Coordinator, Kate:

stmargaretsinstitute@gmail.com     01865 510560

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Children & youth groups

Monkey Music
For children 6 mths-4 yrs, Thursdays and Fridays
Flick Moorhouse 01235 519 806

Polstead Preschool
For children 2½ - 5 yrs, weekdays
Klara Fergusson/Adriana Matos Hughes

Exercise & dance groups

Oxford Lindy Hoppers
Swing Dance/Hop the Hall

Oxford Balkan Dance Group
Music and dances from across the Balkan peninsula
Jill Loveday 01865 558482

Kids Karate Academy
Japanese Martial Art
Natalia Coleman 07506 102 467

Oxford Tango Academy
Tango classes and social dancing
Lilie Festa

Yuka Kodama Ballet Group
Ballet classes
Yuka Kodama 

Yoga with Manue
LYT Yoga on Sunday mornings


exercise and dance groups

Self-help groups

exercise and dance groups

Music and Arts

Cello lessons
Individual cello lessons for adults and children
Johanna Messner 01608 684 504

Northumbrian Pipers
Bellows-blown bagpipes from North East England
Daphne Briggs 01865 310 712

Oxford Ikebana Study Group
Japanese flower arranging
Tameron Chappell 01865 748 365

Suzanne Williams 01865 559 771

As If Improv
Combining improv with actor training, Viewpoints and Meisner Technique, this workshop delves into authentic, emotionally-driven performances. Perfect for all levels, the focus is on playing from the heart rather than relying on quick wit. Improvisation/improv is unscripted theatre.
Matt Sparkes 07506 011523

Music and ARts

Other Groups

Walton Manor WI
Local branch of the Women's Institute
Caroline Coleman 07850 830 858

Limes Club
Supporting people living with dementia
Dawn Williams  07738 931261 (Mon/Tues/Thurs)

Long Chen Foundation
Tibetan meditation and teaching weekend courses
Pat Macdonald 01758 703 044

St Margaret's Community Worker
Film Club and Tea Parties for senior members of the parish.  See EVENTS
Tricia Brant 07776 595 456

Tea and Talks
Monthly talks on a myriad of subjects. See EVENTS
Kay Symons 01865 553 696

Emma Dashwood 07786 488 766
Gabrielle Lees 01865 200 430
Vincent Tan
Daria Levin 01865 416841


Other Groups